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Pure Organic Vermont Maple Syrup

      A family owned and operated business, Maple Sugar Mountain, LLC is dedicated to producing the finest organic/kosher maple syrup the Green Mountains can provide. While we’re rooted in the past, we are very excited about the future. Our sugar bush, facilities and products are all certified organic.
     The steam heat from the first electric evaporator in the USA, assures the syrup is boiled evenly, resulting in the highest two grades in the maple syrup market. The cutting edge technology of our electric/steam evaporator allows us to boil sap in a clean and efficient way. We are proud to send our high quality maple syrup from our maple sugar farm directly to you.
     Maple Sugar Mountain specializes in the grades of golden color with delicate flavor and amber color with rich flavor, carefully meeting the high standards required for organic certification. Both grades are great for everyday use for pancakes, waffles, dressings, barbecue sauces and a wonderful addition to favorite hot and cold recipes. Did you know you can use maple syrup as a natural substitute for sugar?  Many use our maple syrup to sweeten drinks. Be sure to try in coffee and on ice cream, too!
      Thank you for your interest in Maple Sugar Mountain and our products!